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2012 - Predicted Disasters
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November 14, 2009
2012 disaster
During an early screening of Roland Emmerich's latest disaster flick 2012, which opens today, laughter erupted in the audience near the end of the film thanks to corny dialogue and maudlin scenes (among the biggest guffaw getters: a father tries to reconnect with his estranged son on the telephone, only to have the son's house destroyed just before he could say anything). Nobody wants to take anything seriously in a movie like this, in which digital mayhem is the draw. But if it were an audience of physicists, the laughter probably would have started in the first five minutes. You can't take any of the science seriously, although I give the filmmakers credit for creativity.

If you haven't heard, December 21, 2012 is supposed to be the day that the Mayan calendar ends (it doesn't really) and therefore somehow marks the end of civilization as we know it—notwithstanding the fact that the Mayan civilization ended centuries ago. (NASA has a good Q&A site that debunks the 2012 apocalypse nonsense.) Thankfully, the movie 2012 doesn't dwell on ancient predictions. Instead, it takes us straight to the, er, science. (Full story : Scientific American)

I would just like to clarifiy that this site does NOT make predictions or state anywhere that a disaster will in fact happen (2012 or otherwise). As much as I enjoy sifting through the e-mails I get... sometimes people get the wrong impression - and end up calling me "scare" or "fear monger". Nowhere does the site have a view on 2012 other than speculation, hype, and internet chatter. We have never stood behind any "predicted" event or disaster, the ultimate goal is to explore the potential ones that we may face. So please, before you e-mail me and say I'm trying to "scare" people.... read over the site and then give me your opinion. I think you'll find at no point to we make such assumptions, but instead try to approach the topics from a "what if" or "science fact" point of view. 

PS: To the people that mail me just to insult me, thanks anyways. I still love ya Wink

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