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Feminizing America
June 05, 2007

I'm sure these gender bending bull sharks are just adhering to the secular humanist paradise to fit in. They willingly swim through pools of medicated human waste. They WANT to. They see how happy the feminized american she-male is and envy his fashionable leather attire and impulsive carefree cappuccino lifestyle.

Gay fish demand their own cable channel.

The way these people talk you'd think the testicle shrinking stops dead at marine life. Estrogen in the water supply is old news, it's been around for years. Fish are outdated and out done as the coal mine canaries of men. The effects on males have become so comically obvious that even the most dull witted tranny parading down main street celebrating the death of the burly pioneering spirit would notice it if he wasn't too busy lubing up for the friday night free-for-all.

Knocking back a few glasses of water from the tap means polishing off your manhood for good and cueing the requiem for modern man. This stuff is accumulating so extensively in the global water supply along with other endocrine disruptors such as pvc that it's almost impossible to avoid. While the feminists are off exploring their divine girl powered harlotry and only returning back to the caves to ingest more poison from their medicine cabinets, in turn it's declawing entire nations of men rendering civilization ripe to anyone advocating anything.

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