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Oklahoma to Northeast: Major Snowstorm on the Way
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December 24, 2012
2012 snow storm
All the ingredients are coming together for a major snowstorm to unfold Christmas Day and spread from the southern Plains to the eastern Great Lakes and Northeast.

Far more potent than the snow event headed to the Northeast just in time for Christmas, this storm will unload windswept and burying snow on its northwestern flank.

While snow will push through the Rockies--including Denver--into tonight, the worst of the snowstorm will take shape Christmas Day across the southern Plains.

Substantial snow will spread from the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas to the Red River and western Arkansas on Christmas Day with snow even whitening Dallas in the afternoon--a rare feat for Christmas.

The major snowstorm will then press northeastward Tuesday night into Thursday, passing from Arkansas into the Ohio Valley, then the eastern Great Lakes and Northeast.

The storm has the potential to unleash a half of a foot or more of snow starting Tuesday in southwestern Kansas and Oklahoma. Totals will even top a foot across the interior Northeast.

Cities in line to receive more than a half of a foot of snow include Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Burlington and Caribou.

The same can be said for the neighboring Canadian cities of Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City.

While great news for children and those wishing their communities to turn into a winter wonderland around Christmas, the snowstorm is sure to create a nightmare for travelers.

Please click here for a larger version of this map.

Several inches of snow will alone make driving treacherous. Winds severely blowing and drifting the snow around will only worsen the situation by dramatically reducing visibility and further clogging roads.

Airline passengers in the path of the snowstorm should prepare for lengthy delays and cancellations.

Where the snow is preceded by rain, a greater danger lurks for motorists as rapidly falling temperatures will also cause any wet spots to turn icy.

Areas east of the storm's track--from the South to the Northeast's I-95 corridor (including the eastern Tennessee and Ohio valleys)--will be faced with soaking rain, capable of causing urban and flash flooding.

Strong, gusty winds may lead to coastal flooding and damage along the Northeast coast, while the stage is set for an outbreak of tornadoes and damaging thunderstorms in the South.

In between the rain and snow, there is concern for an icy mix (which in some cases will eventually transition to rain) across the Ohio Valley and from the I-81 corridor of Virginia to central Pennsylvania, the Hudson Valley and the I-95 corridor of the Northeast Wednesday into Wednesday night.

Holiday travelers may want to consider altering their plans to avoid driving during hazardous conditions and flight delays and cancellations.

This news story has more details of how the major winter storm will impact the East in the days immediately after Christmas.

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