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The 10 Worst Places To Live In The Universe
The News - Science-Astronomy
July 22, 2013
worst places to live in the universe
Recently, we told you about an exoplanet that rains glass. Sideways. Which got us thinking: 1.) we will never complain about the weather here on Earth again and 2.) surely that's got to be the worst place to live in the entire universe. But no! With the help of NASA and Kepler astronomers and a couple physicists, we found nine additional wildly inhospitable planets. Of course, you wouldn't survive too well anywhere in the universe that isn't Earth, but these places would be particularly awful--places with conditions "well-matched to Dante's visions of hell," as physicist Steve Tufte describes one of the planets. Check out the most miserable planets in the universe.
Japan's Fukushima Operator Acknowledges Contaminated Water Flowing into Sea
The News - Climate-Environment
July 22, 2013
fukushima contamination sea
The operator of Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant said on Monday that contaminated ground water had likely been flowing into the sea, acknowledging such a leakage for the first time.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., or Tepco, made the announcement a day after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's pro-nuclear Liberal Democratic Party and its junior coalition partner scored a decisive victory in elections to the upper house, cementing his grip on power.The head of Japan's new Nuclear Regulation Authority, created since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami wrecked  Fukushima, said this month he believed contamination of the sea had been continuing since the accident.
Dozens reported dead in China earthquake
The News - Natural Disasters
July 22, 2013
Gansu China Earthquake
A strong earthquake struck a rural part of western China on Monday morning, killing at least 75 people, according to state media.

The quake hit near the city of Dingxi in Gansu province, a region of mountains, desert and pastureland with a population of 26 million. That makes it one of China's more lightly populated provinces, although the Dingxi area has a greater concentration of farms and towns, with a total population of about 2.7 million. The government's earthquake monitoring service said an additional 459 people were injured.
Earthquake Sends Kiwis Screaming From Wellington Buildings
The News - Natural Disasters
July 22, 2013
new zealand earthquake 2013
New Zealanders ran screaming from buildings in Wellington yesterday as a magnitude 6.5 earthquake blew out windows and caused part of the city’s port to slide into the sea.

The earthquake struck at 5:09 p.m. local time and was centered offshore, 57 kilometers (35 miles) south-southwest of the capital city, at a depth of 14 kilometers, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was New Zealand’s biggest quake since a magnitude 6.3 killed 185 people in the South Island city of Christchurch two years ago, and the strongest to hit the central region of the country since 1942, GNS Science seismologist John Ristau said.
Catastrophic Mud Eruption Had Natural Causes, Study Finds
The News - Natural Disasters
July 21, 2013
Mud eruption Indonesia
A catastrophic mud eruption in Indonesia blamed on drilling by an oil company might instead have natural causes, new research suggests.

In 2006, the largest mud volcano on the planet was born when steam, water and mud began erupting on the Indonesian island of Java. At its height, it spewed 6.3 million cubic feet (180,000 cubic meters) of boiling mud per day, enough to submerge a football field under nearly 110 feet (34 m) of earth. The mud volcano still erupts with outbursts like a geyser.
Thunderstorms, hail, gales and flash floods on the way – so enjoy the sun while it lasts
The News - Climate-Environment
July 21, 2013
weather change coming for UK
If it’s sunny where you are, make the most of it. Thunderstorms, flash floods, hail and gusty winds for some parts of the country are forecast for the week ahead. While Britain is one day away from its longest heatwave since 1976, and temperatures will hit 33C for some today, areas in the southwest experienced showers over the weekend as the low pressure system that is set to bring the bad weather moved in.

Brendan Jones, a forecaster for MeteoGroup, said that the conditions were perfect for thunderstorms and – with the ground bone dry in many areas – flooding too. “The main motors for thunderstorms are high humidity and high temperatures, which we have had in abundance – it’s storm fuel, if you like,” he said.
Building a Safe & Effective Fire Pit
The News - Disaster Preparedness
July 20, 2013
how to fire pit
Fire pits are both a popular design feature for homes and a practical way to keep a fire while camping. In both cases, constructing a quality fire pit is essential for safety and effectiveness. Fire pits provide great ambiance in addition to the practical concerns of warmth or cooking. Constructing a fire pit while camping is as easy as stacking some rocks in a circular form and starting a fire in the middle. There are some details to take into consideration when constructing a good fire pit. These will ensure that your fire pit is safe and contains the fire well.
How to Survive a Lightning Strike
The News - Disaster Preparedness
July 20, 2013
survive lightning strike
There's a club open to people from all around the world, but you wouldn't want to join: The club is exclusively for people who've survived a lightning strike.

Lightning strikes kill about 24,000 people worldwide each year, and about 240,000 people are injured by lightning and survive. But even decades after being hit by lightning, survivors can continue to experience devastating long-term effects. Because a lightning strike zone can carry thousands of volts of electricity per square foot, severe nerve damage is common among survivors, who often report cognitive problems like memory loss, an inability to concentrate and personality changes.
California wildfire a deadly threat despite approach of thunderstorms
The News - Current Events
July 20, 2013
southern california wildfires
The threat of weekend thunderstorms could bring much-needed moisture to a huge wildfire in the Southern California mountains near Palm Springs. Unfortunately, it could also bring wind, lightning and other volatile conditions that could make a tough firefight even worse.

Combined with hot air on the ground, the unstable air could create a strong updraft that draws smoke high into the atmosphere, fire spokesman Captain Mike Lindbery said. If the smoke column rises too high, moisture at the top could freeze and the weight of the ice could cause the column to collapse, creating a powerful downdraft in all directions.
The 10 GMO Myths That Monsanto Wants You to Believe
The News - Politics / Corruption
July 20, 2013
anti monsanto
Monsanto and their biotech buddies would have you believe that they are super-heroes, set on saving hungry children from starvation wearing a dazzling fake-green cape. In fact, in a recent attack on activists, Monsanto’s CEO Hugh Grant said that because critics “can afford” organic food, we don’t care about the plight of those who can’t afford it. “There is this strange kind of reverse elitism: If I’m going to do this, then everything else shouldn’t exist,” said Grant. “There is space in the supermarket shelf for all of us.”

Even Monsanto’s website is on the defense, with page after page attempting to justify what the biotech industry is doing to our food supply. It must be true if even leading “philanthropists” (and I use this term loosely) like Bill and Melinda Gates are behind the distribution of Monsanto crops across the globe. Right? [THEORGANICPREPPER]
5 Machines That Are Already Learning Humanity's Weaknesses
The News - Humor
July 20, 2013
5 Machines That Are Already Learning Humanity's Weaknesses
Being wiped out by Terminators is one of humanity's greatest fears, when it's really wishful thinking. We flatter ourselves that the machines would need hyperalloy killingmotrons. The average modern human isn't even a match for a malfunctioning escalator, and millions are already being defeated by nothing more than phones with pizza on speed dial.

If the machines ever do become sentient and dispatch deathbots, it'll only be to make us feel better, because the devices that already know our weaknesses are just too embarrassing. [CRACKED]
Human-to-Human Spread of Deadly New Bird Flu Virus Higher Than Previously Thought
The News - Current Events
July 19, 2013
H7N9 human threat
Before this year the H7N9 bird flu virus linked to 133 human infections and 43 deaths was never seen in people. All the available evidence suggests that an effective biological barrier apparently kept a pandemic at bay -- humans only contracted the novel virus via direct contact with poultry or environments such as live bird markets rather than by human-to-human transmission. New analysis from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), however, suggests that the virus is closer to becoming a disease transmitted among humans than previously thought.
South Asia disunity 'hampers flood warnings'
The News - Natural Disasters
July 19, 2013
south asia flooding warning
A lack of co-operation between South Asian countries is preventing timely flood warnings that could save lives and property during the monsoon season.

Erratic and extreme rainfall is causing catastrophic flooding, most recently in northwest India and Nepal following heavy rainfall in June. But the sharing of hydrological data can be a sensitive issue because of disputes over water use. Officials say a network is required to share data across borders. Experts and officials told the BBC that countries in the region are doing very little to help each other forecast floods.
Doctors Warn: 'Heat Rage'
The News - Climate-Environment
July 19, 2013
2013 heat wave angry
The temperature isn’t the only thing getting hot these days. If you’ve been outside, you may have noticed tempers are flaring.

As CBS 2’s Dr. Max Gomez reported Thursday, the hot weather does a lot to our behavior. There’s road rage, air rage, fan rage at sporting events, and now we have heat rage. It’s not new. It’s actually part of our language. Tempers flare, anger simmers and boils over, and of course there’s the proverbial hothead.
Why the East Coast Is Baking
The News - Climate-Environment
July 18, 2013
east coast heat wave
The U.S. East Coast is sweating through a lingering heat wave this week. The sweltering heat and humidity have combined to keep temperatures hot even at night. But relief may finally be in sight.

Heat waves are marked by at least three consecutive days of temperatures of at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). In New York and Boston, temperatures hit 90 degrees F or hotter Sunday through Wednesday, and are expected to do so again today (July 18). New York has already reached 96 degrees F (36 degrees C) by 1 p.m. EDT today. Baltimore reached a record high of 98 degrees F (37 degrees C) yesterday, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.
Detroit files for bankruptcy
The News - Economy
July 18, 2013
detroit bankrupt
Detroit—The city of Detroit filed the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history Thursday afternoon, culminating a decades-long slide that transformed the nation’s iconic industrial town into a model of urban decline crippled by population loss, a dwindling tax base and financial problems.

The 16-page petition was filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Detroit. Gov. Rick Snyder’s office was making plans this afternoon to hold a Friday morning news conference at the Maccabees Building, 5057 Woodward in Midtown, according to a source. It’s the same location where the governor declared a financial emergency for Detroit on March 1.
5 Gigantic Wars You Won't Believe Almost Happened
The News - Humor
July 17, 2013
Much like pro wrestling or your last date, war is full of complicated maneuvers, barely missed shots, and near pinfalls. The tiniest change in the course of events could result in a completely different outcome: Imagine if the Nazis had invaded England instead of Poland, or if Napoleon had unleashed a squad of Dinobot Dragoons during the defining moments of Waterloo. We'd be looking at completely different history books. History is full of these potentially game-changing battles that almost came to be. It's impossible to know exactly what the results would have been, but it's mind-boggling to think that...
major wars that almost happened
More Than 5,700 Feared Dead
The News - Natural Disasters
July 17, 2013
India floods 2013
A day after the government said it would treat more than 5,700 people missing in floods in northern India last month as presumed dead, relatives said Wednesday they still held out hope that their loved ones had survived.

The provisional death toll - officials said some of the missing still could turn up alive - would make the Uttarakhand floods the worst natural disaster in India since more than 10,000 people were killed here in the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. The toll was worsened by the presence of tens of thousands of Hindu pilgrims visiting the state's temples and the many vacationers who head to its cool hills to escape the summer heat. The government said it was presuming those missing for a month were dead so it could start giving compensation to their families.
Earth's Gold Came from Colliding Dead Stars
The News - Science-Astronomy
July 17, 2013
gamma ray burst colliding stars
We value gold for many reasons: its beauty, its usefulness as jewelry, and its rarity. Gold is rare on Earth in part because it's also rare in the universe. Unlike elements like carbon or iron, it cannot be created within a star. Instead, it must be born in a more cataclysmic event -- like one that occurred last month known as a short gamma-ray burst (GRB). Observations of this GRB provide evidence that it resulted from the collision of two neutron stars -- the dead cores of stars that previously exploded as supernovae. Moreover, a unique glow that persisted for days at the GRB location potentially signifies the creation of substantial amounts of heavy elements -- including gold.

"We estimate that the amount of gold produced and ejected during the merger of the two neutron stars may be as large as 10 moon masses -- quite a lot of bling!" says lead author Edo Berger of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA). A gamma-ray burst is a flash of high-energy light (gamma rays) from an extremely energetic explosion. Most are found in the distant universe. Berger and his colleagues studied GRB 130603B which, at a distance of 3.9 billion light-years from Earth, is one of the nearest bursts seen to date.
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