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Welcome to Armageddon Online - Disaster News, Future Scenarios, Preparedness and Survival


The News
  • Disaster Preparedness  ( 307 items )
    News and articles focusing on disaster preparedness, survival, and readiness! See : Home Emergency Kit.
  • Politics / Corruption  ( 60 items )
  • Announcements  ( 25 items )
    These are important annoucements from the Admins and Moderators here at Armageddon Online.
  • Climate-Environment  ( 546 items )
    Strange weather phenomenon and irregular patterns in nature can be found here.
  • Cover-Up-Conspiracy  ( 75 items )
    When a scandal breaks, the discovery of an attempt to cover up or conceal the evidence of wrongdoing is often regarded as even more scandalous than the original deeds. Find out here what they DON'T want you to know.
  • Current Events  ( 458 items )
    Somewhat "uncategorized" news or generally stories of general interest.
  • Economy  ( 158 items )
    The crash of currencies and markets, the stories relating to peak oil are all found here.
  • Humor  ( 36 items )
    Hey... the end of the world can be damn funny sometimes.
  • Natural Disasters  ( 1110 items )
    News featuring Earthquakes, Tsunami's, Floods, Hurricanes and more.... This is the Wrath of Mother Earth.
  • Religion  ( 37 items )
    My invisible man is better than your invisible man! The news posted in this section deals with the complexities of religion - as well as some of the autrocities commited in it's name.
  • Weird-Strange  ( 131 items )
    These stories refer to what is of a mysteriously strange, usually frightening nature. Weird may suggest the operation of supernatural influences, or merely the odd or unusual... and sometimes just plain strange.

  • War-Draft  ( 183 items )
    War is a prolonged state of violent, large-scale conflict involving two or more groups of people. The stories here cover the major conflicts around the world - as well as potentials for future wars.

  • Science-Astronomy  ( 765 items )
    Explore some of the mysteries of the cosmos. These news articles deal with all things science and astronomy. Black holes, gamma ray bursts, supernovas etc.
  • Matts Blog & Findings  ( 2 items )
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