Crazed up mixy reality

  1. New Wine
    New Wine
    Must be my week for revelations. Woke up with this formed and ready to go...I am very slow on the uptake I know.

    People like Lucysmith cause this to happen.. Christians that do not fall all over themselves to agree with her (even though it is a rightful and lawful stand in some ways) are accused of being lukewarm and then are labeled as sleeping with the enemy, and gives the PC crowd the impression of a double minded person in their faith.

    But if anything is said against what they are railing on about in a strong manner, then the PC crowd will stop the ears from listening to what you have to say for then you will be labeled as an intolerant, incompassionate wretch that has no understanding of people and are not worthy to wipe their feet on.

    All the while satan is sitting back laughing their butts off and congratulating themselves for spoiling the spiritual advancement of those that are seriously looking into Christianity.

    Now that, my dears, is some king of "crazed up mixy" right there.
  2. Traveler
    We are all in the same boat. Half truth to legitimize and the rest from the pits of hell. There seems to be a lot of the Christ conciousness in the mix there.

    This actually goes back to the turn of the century. It was started by a woman, can't remember her name, Mary Baker or something of that sort.

    Anyway she seems to have pissed off so many that she is soon going to have no one to talk with. But that new poster does have an interesting name, Lillith. My bets is she is going to turn out the same.
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