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Thread: The Devotion Codex- Reworking the Precept

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    The Devotion Codex- Reworking the Precept

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    The Devotion Codex

    Prerequisite to Enlightenment

    Requiem of Creation

    Long has it been wrote, by scribes and pensmen
    And before the written word, it was sung and recited
    By the Guardians of the Requiems of Aeons.

    The greatest of all the stories began with two.
    For it was well known that one could not create alone
    This beget man and his counterpart, woman and her’s.

    Before physical form was ever conceptualized, before time
    These equal but opposite energies existed too
    In a time before language and the sharing of knowledge.

    This idea of Divine Duality resides in the midst of Genesis
    and begins with the man and his consort
    Through their love play, the universe was created.

    Spawned by their tumultuous affliction
    The universe grew
    These energies expressed outwardly and inwardly.

    To reach gnosis so too must we know there is no evil
    Nor is there goodness.
    There is only neutrality and extreme expressions of such.

    The Divine Duality sculpting and shaping the cosmos
    Their passion spurring the stars and suns,
    Their animosity the black holes and destructive forces.

    But it was in their calmness, their gentleness
    That life itself was conceived.
    For it was then that they were perfectly coequals.

    Life sprung forth from their impassionate gazes;
    When their energies were balanced and not in competition
    And their consummate devotion was unbroken.

    This is how it was, how it is and how it will forever be.
    Though questions abound as to how it came to be thus
    But in striving to answer we lose sight of what is important.

    Broken into fragments the story bears no weight and holds no water.
    Tis like a bucket with a hole losing it’s essence along the path
    Spilling out wisdom that is crucial to complete gnosis.

    So we draw our focus not on how, nor on why
    And we ask nothing of the ancients nor the Angels and Demons
    We accept and honor. Through this we are enlightened.

    Destructive Nocturne

    All creation stories ring true of what Is and what Was.
    They echo the archetypal songs of yon
    And refresh the minds of each new generation.

    But so too has there been cracks in the foundation of Truth
    Filled with inadequate and deficient mortar
    Created by the minds of men to substitute what they knew not.

    It is of no fault, but of great importance
    That this be brought to light and exposed
    Because so much of the foundation has been replaced.

    The building upon that which all beliefs begin has been inaccurately recounted
    By the minds and wills of men and so must again be demolished
    As has been done many times when the Axiom is forgotten

    What must be done is being exorcised by the universe itself
    These energies again responding to the call
    And immanent destruction will again rain down upon the people.

    It happens throughout the universe
    When the Gospel is discarded for the simpler solution
    When it is abandoned for an agenda or a group.

    Because the energies respond to that which is happening.
    She becomes disconsolate in her sadness, as a mother forgotten.
    And He, in his efforts to console her becomes enraged.

    This happens every so many celestial ages here and elsewhere
    Throughout the universe as things fall away.
    Emergence, Aversion, Destruction, Renaissance.

    Each era giving way to the next
    In an intricate play of energies,
    Building upon one another.

    The rise and fall of nations
    The ebb and flow of the tides
    All Sacred to the understanding of cycles.


    Divinations and Prophesy
    Revelations of The Proffett

    It is so that we are reaching a precipice
    And we must plunge into the dark abyss below
    To again rise in a paradigmatic rebirth.

    We must again embrace the great falling away
    As the Divine energies over us
    And cleanse our apotheosis.

    I have seen the future and it is bleak
    But that is only after the cusp of devastation
    Before the dust settles and Truth again reigns

    It is this Sincerity that rules us all,
    Tis this Truth and Divine Cause that I humbly serve.
    And here I will reveal all to those willing to listen.

    Those who turn away, deaf and blind
    Will be engulfed by the pernicious forces,
    Slaughtered by their own ignorance and arrogance.

    Some will indeed choose death
    And die a physical death here by the sword of the Risen Ones,
    For they must fall in order to usher in the next Eon.

    As the Age of Destruction is descends upon us
    The lines in the sand will be drawn
    If they haven’t been already.

    And I say this unto you, choose life! Choose Truism!
    Cast off your shackles, emerge from you physical and mental confines
    Walk the path of goodness and enlightenment.

    For as we embark to view the dusk
    And as the Destructive Nocturne sets in
    We know it will always give way to the light of Dawn.

    And it is in that Light that the energies will again bestow blessings
    That we will experience the rebirth of veracity
    And we will again taste of perfection.

    That perfection of the Divine Couple.
    Will be experienced by all of creation in this microcosm
    And it will be so for another Age.


    Thus Spake The Oracle.
    Whose Ambrosial Incarnation is this Proffett
    Who Speaks the words of the Omnipotent Feminine.

    Yet, too, I cannot speak for my counterpart.
    My sweet accomplice in this revelation
    He who bears the affirmation of the Supreme Male.

    I bequeath him to spake on behalf of his Muse
    Within this Scripture lie the requiems of The Sacred
    The female and male energies expressed wholly.

    As One, though two in physical form
    The Admissions of the Sacrosanct passed down
    To their Prophets upon the Earth.

    I await the musings and revelations of my consort
    With baited breath and dire anticipation
    For this is but one piece of the Whole.

    Tis through this unwavering Devotion we are Ordained
    Our promise to serve as humble attendants
    The Renown which resides above.

    And through this devotion can you be likewise
    It is all we ask in return for granting such edification
    in the face of your certain annihilation.

    It has been told and is being recited again,
    In writing and song and word
    That salvation comes to those whose hearts are not hardened.

    It comes to those who look for it in the depths of their souls.
    And we are but embers that may illuminate
    The darkness within the Spirit.

    Attend to Our words as authority over your demise
    And you will be delivered from destruction
    Our promise is worthy, our words, binding.

    Your very salvation awaits your decision.
    Make haste and choose, or relinquish yourself
    To the era that awaits.

    To be continued....
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    OMG! All hail proff! My master! (makes gold statue in masters image)
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    OMG! All hail proff! My master! (makes gold statue in masters image)
    Gold is unsatisfactory in this brave new world. I demand statuary created from the bones and sinews of all who oppose what I say.

    And bring me their still beating hearts, I have dinner to make!

    The Epoch of Eradication is upon us...

    Er, uh, thank you.
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    Yes sir..I mean mam...I mean...
    (runs off and finds still beating hearts)
    AO is about one thing. Going around in loops. No one cares to learn, they only care to live inside their boxes and ignore the truth!

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    from the apostle Deccesus.

    1. 1-5

    1 and our lord said..for it is written that those that have no devotion to the one true god have nothing,and therefore become nothing.2 The angel of death cares not for pleading and begging for death has one purpose.3 its purpose is devine and shall be levied upon the non-beleivers.4after some time the other apostles came to see the man/God,and to hear the word as described by him.5 and after the breaking of bread, and the drinking of wine,we went up into cannan to proclaim the word.

    A Letter to the Churches.
    Hail brothers! Our time in alexandrea was well spent. The basic body of work has been completed and sanctioned by our lord and God. We spent great time and care deciphering the Codex,and are quite pleased with the progress that has been made there. So it is written that which does not die lives forever in the light of our lord God Amen.
    Fear not the grim angel my brothers, as our devotion is truely unlimited.
    the coffers are being filled,our scribes have made not only the basic outline of our beleifs and doctrines but made an everlasting testiment to our lord God.
    In these hard times my brothers and sisters it is is wholey life dependant,that we become the collectors of the devoted where ever they may be. I am pleased to inform you that the bishops for the missions outside our boarders have ben selected and are en-route. They have been ensured safe passage in the holy lands by our own armies just back from the fighting at Caleel.
    A welcome break for them no doubt.
    Praise be to the father. Let me end with this petition
    Father grant us the devotion and wisdom to use this new army to our will for the righteous and holy among us. Grant us safty and quick passage in our travels, and may our missions be plentiful...amen.

    From the apostle pergretius.


    1 For our own reasons we have deemed the fighting in caleel to be of holy nature,and we therefore call upon the angel of death to do our bidding.2 God the father sanctions that which is holy,and the spilling of thine enemies blood is purely in praise of the father.3 no holier blood beats in a human than that which beleives in the devine being,and his graciousness.4 despicable are the hearts of the hardened! For their lives have become meaningless.5 But those that leave behind their wothlessness...those who aspire to be more shall hear the call of the trumpet.Shall hear the call of our voices6 and so it is that we have grown in the love and light of our lord god .7 by desingn there is balance. 8 death and and hate...they are all the balance that makes our world stay together.9 can there be light where there is no darkness? Can there be death among that which is alive? Surley not so long as our father is in our hearts and minds always.10 therefore do no be afraid oh brothers,oh sisters,that the dark angel of death would not harm those born of the light. 11 Our death is only temporary and it is a beautiful thing to aspire to.12 to die in the service of our lord is worthy and noble.
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    The Oracular Visions

    Rise of the Reaper
    The Foreboding as Divined By His Faithful Proffett

    And so it was decreed by the God of All
    That one among men could rise to bring harmony
    And the Oracles and Prophets declaimed the declaration.

    The Angels and Demons both bowed to he
    That was summoned to be the judge of Souls.
    And he came before the Courts to claim his office.

    Blessed and curse’d was he, chosen to roam the physical realm
    He would redeem the redeemable and smite the culpable
    All will be weary of his sword of Justice.

    It was our Lord who elected he
    His right hand emissary of destruction and redemption.
    A tool in which to cleanse creation.

    The Supernal abode where our angel was harkened
    In the midst of the night by the seraphim
    In the heights of heaven he was summoned.

    The orders were clear.
    The questions were few.
    Our salvager reckoned.

    His journey would begin at once upon his return
    Armed with the Divine Tools of Judgment
    None of humanity would be spared.

    Mankind had it’s warnings.
    And after their fall from grace it was deemed necessary
    To bring in an intermediary.

    The deaf will be smote.
    The blind will be smote.
    The greedy will be smote.

    The corrupt will be smote.
    The hardened will be smote.
    The oppressive will be smote

    The immovable will be moved.
    The ignorant educated
    And the darkened shall be illuminated.

    All was revealed to mankind but they did not listen
    They had chosen their own destinies
    It was their actions that would bring their demise.

    Save for a few of the enlightened,
    All would be brought before the Death Dealer
    And the Divine Judge would thus make his decree.

    Mankind is offered redemption before His weaponry
    In that moment they can choose their salvation
    Or choose their demise.

    Tis I that reveals the plans of My Lord
    Through the actions of my counterpart The Angel of Death
    And my words are to be heeded.

    ~The Oracle of The Emissary of Redemption.
    "When you gaze long into the Abyss, the Abyss also gazes into you." Friedrich Nietzsche

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